Online Sustainability Workshops

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 we have made the decision that workshops present an environment which could spread the virus. Whilst our team and the teams of many workshop customers are not in the at risk categories we are concerned about the transmission of the virus to loved ones some of which will be in the at risk categories. Carriers of COVID-19 may not feel any symptoms for upto 4 days and during that time transmission could occur before self-isolation. As a result, and with immediate effect, all of our workshops will take place online over conferencing platforms.

We’ve written this short article to explain the process of moving our sustainability workshops online and some of the benefits of running a virtual workshop. Remember that all of the same topics, activities and resources are used to achieve the same result to kick start your sustainability legacy.

What is a virtual workshop?

An online workshop uses the same format and can take place over the same number of days as our traditional sustainability workshop product meaning a studio can operate over 1, 3 or 5 days. All of the activities, resources and tools that we would use during the workshop will be shared and sent as digital downloads. Using a range of trusted applications which we have partnered with, we believe an online workshop is able to deliver the same great experience without the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Some of the tools will be unfamiliar but we have selected software that is easy to set up and accessible no matter what devices you have at work or at home.

What about the open event?

All of our workshops begin with an open event aimed to invite your customers, partners, suppliers and the wider community to celebrate your organisation taking steps towards a sustainable legacy. These ‘kick off’ events are extremely popular and play a very important part of the workshop experience. We believe that despite not sharing the same stage this component of the workshop can still go ahead in an online environment. At AG we have invested in a studio environment so that our sound and visuals are just as impressive and the impact of the morning session is just as clear as before.

Do I need special software?

We have partnered with Zoom, the popular video conferencing platform. You can join the workshop securely using a code that is individual to each participant and sent to them directly creating a safe online environment. The process of joining a workshop referred to as a conference room on Zoom is easy and completely free. Participants can access via phone, tablet, laptop or even on a smart TV. In addition the kick-off event, designed to promote your organisation’s sustainability legacy will use Vimeo’s Livestream platform. Access is still ticketed and attendees are sent a specific link and access code to join your stream. At an additional cost we can also add the Brella Virtual Events Platform for networking between your attendees if you want to expand your event into an online networking environment.

How much does a virtual workshop cost?

Whilst the hire of facilities and the costs associated with operating an event on location are significant, the online virtual sustainability workshop alternative requires investment to run the digital platforms and an additional carbon cost to operate the underlying infrastructure that we have accounted for in our revised fees. However, due to the instability in the markets and the effect that can have on supply chains, investments and cash flow we have reduced all workshops by a further 10% on top of any current or on-going promotions. This means that a standard, 1 day workshop for 12 people would have cost £275 (345 USD) per person. Today, the same 1 day online sustainability workshop for 12 people will cost just £247.50 (310 USD) per person, a saving of £330 (416 USD) on our base 1 day workshop.

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